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What is I Push Property AKA IPP

IPP stand for I push property is a company create useful tools to reduce Property Agent workload, time saving, maximize their listing exposure and Internet Brand Building
IPP Premium is our custom build software to help agent to manage their Property listing, at the same time it work as Personal Assistant, that help you Publish your Listing to Malaysia Top 4 Property Portal. (Iproperty, PropertyGuru, Propwall and Mudah) IPPM and one of our own free Social Media Property Portal. More Info about IPP Premium
IPP free website is FREE Social Media Property portal that help agent to Maximize their Listing exposure via World top ranking Social Media. More Info about IPP Social Media Portal

IPP Premium FAQ

Yes, it work under  Win 7 and above.

window compatible propertypos property automation
Sorry, at the moment we don’t support anything other than Full windows.
Sorry, at this moment we don’t support any smart phone.
Nope, you can download our, one click installation, just click and follow instruction.
Nope, is much more simple than any property portal, login -> add property -> choose Property -> submit.
Nope, cause we not Property agent, we don’t steal your listing and it worth nothing for us.
best u can have your password change in a phone call away. again, we not your competitor.
Nope, IPP Premium is just your Personal assistant, Do you ask your secretary come to work with Iproperty Account ?
nope, even Microsoft have bug, we can’t guaranty this, but we can guaranty we will solve the bug reported by agent asap.

As we have dedicated Support team

In our passed record, max is 24 hour but we request user give us 48 to trace the bug.
In our passed record, max is 24 hour but we request user give us 48 to trace the bug.

We have 500 agent in last 3 month, so don’t take our word on it, ask what other agent said about us.

the answer would be NO

but under certain circumstances, we do offer refund.
for example : Our Program fail to work for everyone.
we won’t refund under below circumstances.
1. It work for others but not you.
2. Customize request. (One agent actually over request, we don’t do custom build, we do for everyone)
3. Comparing Our Tools with other and request for refund. (one agent actually do that)

At the moment we already offer lowest Prices we can offer, discount will be difficult.
Is there any trial version ?
we don’t provide trial version, but we have free version, that is same function but minus some features.

Check out our Free version here : FREE VERSION

It look like a waste, cause i only have 2 account and not many listing.
You can try our lite package, it definitely worth every single penny.

go download our program and try our free version first, if you found it useful, you can update to Lite or Premium Later.

Check out Free Version Here.

If i lost my PC, formatted or Virus infected, can i still download this program ?
Yes, we have public download section, you can download anytime and anywhere.
Can i install this program at home,office, laptop and PC ?
Yes, we don’t retrict installation, you allow to install as many device as you want.
infact some agent install this program in the THUMBDRIVE, so they can use it in anywhere.
Do you guy limit our listing ?
Nope, u can add as many as you want, we love to see our client enjoy
Limit on submitting ?
Nope, we just E-secreatary, we do what you ask us to do. only limit is your account in other property portal
If too many user login at the same time, would it be slow or crash ?
Nope, cause our program install in your PC, all operation done in you PC.

Our Guarantee to Every Agents

I Push Property Guaranty PropertyPost
This is beginning of this software, in short future we have many more features adding in, this is not the end.
We not Property Agent, we don’t sell your listing not accessing your portal to gain your private information.

We’re your Partner, We build together.

Bug fixing guaranty
Guaranty time saving for using our TOOLS, Use More – Save More
We have dedicated Support team to Help any issue you facing with our program.

We can be reach via EMAIL, SUPPORT forum, SMS, Whatapps and Phone CALL.

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